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Get a quoteand speak the local language! We are a Sussex-based translation company that helps businesses market their services globally and assists internationally-mobile private clients.

Our company name reflects the importance that we place on high quality, stylish writing as an essential element of successful translation.

Why choose DeScribe?

Our bespoke service means we allocate you our time, we take pride in tailoring our work to your exact requirements and we share your commitment to your project’s success.


Our translation is always personalised and linguistically accurate. We ensure that the final product always reflects the purpose of your text and is appropriate for the end user, be it a precise legal translation, documents to facilitate an international workshop or persuasive copy for your website.

By using DeScribe as your translation provider you can be sure that your text will be culturally appropriate, fluent and accurate – it will have been translated by a qualified, native speaker and revised by the source language specialist.

You will receive quality translation at realistic prices. All our quotes include revision and proof-reading as an integral part of the translation service. Click here for a quote.

Translation fields

Commerce / Academia and Higher Education / Human Rights / Humanities / Law / Marketing / Medicine / Local Government and Family Services / Evaluation / Project Management / Arts and Leisure

Certified Translation

For official purposes such as visa applications, papers for international relocation etc., certified translation is often required. This means your translation will be signed, dated and sealed by the translator and will bear a certificate to testify that it is to the best of their belief and skill a true and faithful rendering of the original text. We are pleased to be able to offer this select service which requires the translators to be appropriately registered.

Copywriting, localisation and transcreation

Where direct translation is not appropriate, we produce original, tailor-made and fully localised advertising copy, ensuring maximum effect on your audience. If a text is offered in different languages, we will ensure these versions are compatible and consistent with your brand but each will be adapted culturally and linguistically to the target audience.

Revision, editing or proof-reading

We can revise and proof-read any text to ensure complete fluency and accuracy. This service can be useful for business people or academics writing in English as a foreign language, or just to provide a second pair of eyes to catch any errors in an important presentation or key marketing material.


Summary translation reduces the cost of translating long documents in full by providing you with a succinct digest of the main points according to your requirements. We can also produce monolingual or translated abstracts.


For your international negotiation or multinational event, we organise a relevant team of interpreters to ensure a successful and efficient meeting.


For research or for business, we arrange multilingual transcription of interviews, webinars, etc. through our trusted partners.

Whether you are looking for specialist Spanish and English translation, or an expert company to handle all your language requirements, we are happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you!

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